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Yahoo browser search app download

About the App:

Yahoo Search gives fast answers when you’re on the go.
Navigate between search results seamlessly with the minimalist design.
a quick search with the built-in browser and also provides a safe and secure browsing mode.
Instant search all web top 100 internet search engines in one multi-search engine.
Private search all best search engines, image search engine, video search engine,
social search engine, alternative search engine, multiple search engines sites at once.
Safe search 100 advanced top search engines in google chrome start page.


  • Search when you’re on the go to help you find answers and services faster.
  • Quick answers with live sports scores, videos, images, and related search suggestions.

Helpful tips

  • Swipe right to toggle between web, image, and video results.
  • Clear your search history and set Safe Search preferences in Settings.
  • Refine your query by tapping the arrows next to keyword suggestions.

So, what are you waiting for just download the application with just one click and access the feature of safe browsing.

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