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Viber | Download Viber Apk For Android

Viber is an app used by millions of people worldwide to connect with their close people and loved ones via free calls. Viber also supports free text messages and sending pictures. This App is available on all leading mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone and also on desktop Operating systems The notable feature of Viber is that it synchronizes with your phone contacts and no registration is required to make a call. This App requires an active internet connection, so a 3G or Wi-Fi connection is a must. How does it work? This users can call other users who have the This app installed for free and calls outside This can also be made for a small fee. 

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First, you need to install the This app on your phone and input your phone number, this acts as your identification on the This network. The app is available on Phones, Tablets, Laptops and PCs and you can call on any of the platforms. 

Before you can install This App on your desktop OS, you will need to download Viber on your phone and register with your mobile number. This App also supports external calls from the network via VoIP. 


Features of Viber – 

The cost of use – Calls and messages made on the Viber network are completely free. So you can call anyone who has the This app installed for free. 

Attributes of VoIP – Viber allows its users to call anyone on the network for free. This users can also call anyone around the globe with their phones or landline connection at a very minimal cost. To access this feature, the user needs to connect either their PayPal account or Credit card. 

Games – This also has a lot of games you can play with your contacts. These games are not a part of the main Viber app but they are made by This themselves. The games allow you to challenge your friends and compete with each other. 

Hidden Chats – Another special feature that Viber has which separates it from other apps like WhatsApp is the support for Hidden Chats. This feature allows you to store your private chats away from your normal chat. You can put a PIN to restrict access to these chats so that they are only accessible to you. 


The characteristics of Viber are – 

  • Free call to other Viber members 
  • Great messaging support 
  • Transfer your files such as pictures and videos 
  • Supports stickers to enhance your messaging experience 
  • Support for Broadcast lists, Groups and communities 
  • Has interesting and enjoyable games which you can play with your contacts 
  • Support for calling any number worldwide for a minimal fee 

To download Viber, visit – 

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