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Spotify is an online streaming app, it’s used across the globe, it enables the user to listen to various podcast and artists across the world. One of the biggest advantages of Spotify over its competitors is the fact that they offer a free version that you can access as soon as you create an account. This is a great way to try the service before you subscribe to it.

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Spotify licenses all of the songs in its vast library from major and minor record labels from around the world and pays the person who holds the right for the track depending on how many times people listen to each song. Thus, Spotify is a completely legal way of listening to music, it also allows you to download any song so that you can listen to it offline.

Advantages of Spotify

User friendly- To get started with Spotify all you need to do is sign up for the service using either your email ID or your Facebook account. No type of payment needs to be made to use the free services. If you like the service and want to get access to premium features, you can subscribe to the service. Spotify also allows its users to create playlists which they can then share with others too.

Compatibility- Spotify is a truly cross-platform service. Spotify app is available on mobile devices running Android and iOS, on PCs running Windows and macOS and they have a web app that can be accessed from any web browser. So you never need to worry about not having access to your Spotify library.

Spotify Free Tier Offers- Spotify has a free tier for which users do not need to pay anything or give any card information. With the free tier, users can choose any playlist, album or artist in shuffle mode, and you can skip tracks a maximum of six times in an hour. The free tier is available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and the Web version.

Download Podcasts and Audio- With Spotify Premium you can download up to 10,000 songs on 5 devices each for offline listening. You can download any of the playlists or albums from the massive library. With premium, you also don’t get any ads and you are not restricted to playing on shuffle mode. You can search for any song and play it. You can skip any number of times, access the radio features and many other things.

High quality maintained- Spotify offers music in high quality, for free users the bitrate is fixed at 160 kbps. You can increase it to 320 kbps with the premium which is very high quality. Spotify also has some social features where, if you link your Facebook account, you can share your favourite songs and what you’re listening to with your friends and family.

You can download Spotify form the link given below-

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