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Skype | Download Skype App & Apk

Skype is one of the industry leading voice and video calling platform. It also has other features such as messaging (text, voice and video), File sharing, location sharing, group calls and meetings, regular phone calls and much more.

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Skype is available on the following:

  • On your mobile devices running Android, iOS and Windows Phone via the Skype app
  • On a tablet running Android, iPadOS, or Windows via the Skype app
  • On gaming consoles such as the Xbox 
  • On all major PC operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS, via the native app or the Web version via any browser
  • On a specially designed video phone for the elderly like the Konnect

Skye features –

1. PowerPoint Presentation –

Skype For Business allows you to give high quality presentations remotely with great resolution to multiple users at a time. It has some great features to make your life convenient such as slide transitions and embedded videos.

2. Direct Meetings –

Skype For Business allows you to hold Web conferencing with options for both audio and video. Skype is known for supporting 250 people together at the same time.. You can either host a meeting in real-time or schedule it beforehand.

You also have access to the Outlook plugin which you can integrate with Skype For Business very easily. The organizer of the meeting can allow people to join the meeting and pick a subject. You can also show details of the conference using Outlook prototype.

3. Customize Participant Views –

Skype For Business allows flexibility to the participants as anyone who wishes to join the meeting can do so via Phone or through the web conference. It is available both for the host as well as the participants.

4. Polling –

Skype also allows you to create polls so that you can gather the views of the participants in an easy to understand manner. This can be really helpful in situations where we have to take everyone’s views on something before, we can take a final call.

5. Broadcasting –

Skype gives you the ability to Broadcast your content to a large number of people, with the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature you can deliver your content to up to 10,000 participants, this is really useful for webinars. You can reduce the participants if you want, this makes it easy to deliver your content to a huge number of people at a time.

6. Recording Feature –

Another useful feature of Skype For Business is that it offers the presenters to record many parts of the meeting including video, Audio, Shared sessions, and handouts among other things. You can also set the resolution at which it records.

Download skype from the link given down below-

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