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How it sends the files you have to click on send and they you can send the “apps, photos, videos, files, all the materials” you can see here which you can send to another person. Another user of shareit you have to select what you want to send, (send the folder, you can send the application, you can send the photos, you can also send the music, you can send the videos and many more things, you can send through shareit) because Shareit is a “very fastest network” you can send easily as many as photos, application. You want and in setting there are lots of features of shareit you can change your language and also you can choose your country wise in lots of application. Country wise option will not get but in shareit option you will get the country wise language if you want to select you may select. In setting you can also get the storage and you want to clean catches, if you want the notification you can turn on the notification, if you want you want the coins you can login once you login then you may get the coins. Here, there are lots of things in shareit. You can use when you can earn money through shareit. Shareit is a very good and fastest network where you can easily sent and receive.

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