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Private video a video which can be seen by users who have been subscribed to Blue by the admin. Admin has complete right on private video so you cannot download the video without permission of admin. Private video can be uploaded in many platform including YouTube, facebook, dailymotion and many more disturbing website with complete rights by author.

When someone create private video they will provide you access according to the users whom they know. The users who have been subscribers can watch the video but cannot download it.

But what if you want to download private video?
If you want to download private video then you need a smart application which can really download these types of video from any streaming media website.

How the applications work on Downing private video?
When we download private video download app it will Fetch the download information when we login in our streaming media website. If somehow it doesn’t work then you can go to manually by visiting website source page where you will see video you will part you have to copy the video URL path and paste it to the application now application will fetch the video path and provide you download links.

Is private video also available in search result?
No private video does not appear in search result if you search the video you will not found in search result page of any streaming website.

Is downloading Facebook private video possible?
Yes you can download Facebook private video by simply login with your account and go to the private video which you have been shared by your friends. Now open the video downloader app and it will so you a download link of that video click on the video and you can get that video in your desktop.

How to download apps ?

To download video downloader tool you need to visit application. There you will get different types of applications who are providing download facility of private video. You can choose any one among that video download tool by sharing their views and and the comments.

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