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Pinterest is all about the fashion and train which are going on in pictorial form and it is one of the most famous social media where you can have options to share your your own picture world wild. You can have options to search different types of pins on Pinterest by using search term. Once you get login in Pinterest you have to choose different categories which you are interested in and after choosing the query you will have to finish the account for next steps now you have options to send your own pin by putting links, title and description on the pin which you have sent.

Why use Pinterest?
Pinterest is one of the most famous social media platform where we can have options to share our information, product and services with the help of picture. If someone likes our picture then they can navigate to the links which we have provided in our description .
Pinterest also allow you to know different types of things which are going worldwide and you can have also options to inform the details which you know with help of this platform.

How you can use Pinterest?
When you first time login in Pinterest you will get and options to choose the categories which you want to add in your dashboard. Once you login you will be in your dashboard there you will have options to add your own pin and you can also describe the pin which you want to share worldwide.
You can also connect with your friends and family by sending request.
You can share your post in different media.
In this way you can use your Pinterest account.

How to download Pinterest?

To download Pinterest you need to visit App Store or you can also go to official website otherwise you have options to get these applications right now by using app store which is most famous App Store for social media platform.

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