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This is a very popular messaging communication app through which people can chat with one another. It offers free text messaging, voice and video chats to any part of the world.  The features are simple to use, fast, effective and totally free. Now chat over instant messaging as much as required or reach out to an old class mate in another continent and talk unlimited. It is absolutely free. The Imo app has touched about 500 million users across different parts of the world.  It is especially popular in countries like Russia, Sweden, India, Bangladesh and Singapore. In fact, in Bangladesh it is ranked as the second most popular communication app. 

Download the Imo app on the smartphone and connect to the world outside with IM, voice and video. 

This app was launched in the year 2012 and despite the communication app category having becoming intensely competitive, Imo has still maintained its market share and is even growing steadily. When the services were initially launched, the IM of Imo offered support to all the third party messaging services of Facebook, Skype, My face, Google talk. As of now it supports exclusively on its own network with no external integration.  

Users can install IMO app on both Android and IOS. Therefore, it can be downloaded from Google play and App store. The Android version requirement depends on the device requirement.  The latest update as of now is of June 2020. 

Some of the features and benefits of Imo App – 

1.Unlimited and free chats through Instant messaging (IM), unlimited video and voice calla over different types of networks such as Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G. The performance remains same as long as internet connection is stable. 

2.Install the Imo app APK and enjoy one to one as well as group video calls with friends, relatives, business calls. 

3.All voice and video calls are high quality and without any disturbance both on Android and IOS phones. About 20 people can be included in group video call. 

4.Voice calls can be made to landline devices as well, at low and affordable rates to most parts of the world by downloading the Imo app. 

5.Photo and video sharing options with other users. 

6.The smartphone storage space can be reduced through usage of cloud based files. 

7.There are many hundreds of free stickers to go along with video and message forwards. 

8.Through Imo app larger document files and videos can be shared.


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  1. Thanks for contacting me personal for providing IMO app installation process in my android mobile.

  2. how can i add more then 20 members in meeting with IMO? As i am handling a team of 100 member and want to create online meeting. Please help me!

  3. Thanks for providing latest IMO app. The new version is working very smoothly and calling are also clear.

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