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IMO is a free video calling application which is used for fast communication. With the help of application you can send text message, audio message, voice message and even you can use conference.

Video & Audio Chats : IMO can be used for group chat and single chat you can use up to 20 members in one group and enjoy unlimited talking with colleagues, friends and family.

Share file in a meeting and use different option at the time of video conferencing. This app allows you to do multiple activity while video calling, this application can be used for monitoring team and managing meetings online.

The secure and encrypted video call: The application is highly secure and use encrypted method for sending audio and video calls. So that no data can be linked in your meeting.

IMO can we run on 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection for audio and video call.

share status : Update your attendance by adding pictures video and text you can also use audio file this is one of the excited features and can be used for or engaging of your friends family and colleagues.

Profile : Make your profile according to your own choice, you have options to make your own background, change your Bio, use special character in your profile. Option to use music in your profile.

How to download IMO app ?

To Download IMO app you need to open “” after that you need to search “iMO” you will see that you get Osmosis about Android as well as iPhone to download. Choose your your option according to your device and then click on the installation.

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