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About the App:

Hey, there future egghead! Who needs an IQ test? This is Hit the Brain, and it is an awesomely amazing brain game that helps you sharpen your mind and have fun while doing it!

This mind game even gives you daily rewards and bonuses that are so good you’ll never want to put this tricky game down.

Unique brain-training mechanics to help you sharpen your brain you won’t find on any other brain game. Pssst! It’s a new trick to get smarter. You won’t believe it until you see it.
EVEN MORE NEW BRAIN PUZZLES. We’re creating the best and most challenging brain game for you to rack your brains on and level up your mental skills. You’ll soon want to try these new tricky tests & puzzles.

App Features:

“I have 1,000 needles but do not sew. What am I?” You’ll need to think outside the box!
Brain teasers
Can you find the mistake in the picture? These brain teasers will help you develop that attention to detail skills. But watch out – they’re tricky! Brain trains your logic with these mind puzzles.
Tricky puzzles
Which pipe should we put the ball into? It’s a tricky test, can you get the right answer? Or will you lose at the first hurdle while solving this brain puzzle?
Brain Tests
Which glass has the most water? Challenge your brain, and don’t miss a beat as you ace that brain quiz. No stupid test or idiot question here.
And so, so much more brain tests, mind puzzles, tricky tests!
You won’t want to miss the chance to prove your skills in this brain teasers challenge.

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