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The name speaks for itself. Google translate App is all about translating from one language to another. Imagine a person from Nicaragua has come on an official visit to Interior Kerala as part of some Hydro Electric Power Project.  The stay is almost for three months. If it was a short tourist visit, then fine (guides help out) but official visit without local language knowledge may be tough. 

But that’s not a worry. This is where the Google translation app comes in very handy. 

The person from Nicaragua just needs to go to Google translate web page, type the word or sentence in Spanish and get the translated meaning in Malayalam (local language of Kerala) If he presses on the speaker icon, the sentence will be read out. Listen two to three times and you can pronounce it fairly ok. At least enough to communicate.  This will in the minimum help them to manage with the bare minimum communication during their tenure in Andhra Pradesh. So with a simple install of Google Translate app, language blocks are removed across the world. 

It is nothing surprising to know that translation platform of Google is one of the most popular services of the technology giant. It has almost 500 million people across the world. The translation software was launched in the year 2006 and in 2006, the app version was launched.  Install the Google Translate APK on the Android smartphone and learn several new languages. The APK file size varies according to the device. 

This machine translation service of Google was released in the year 2006 and the Android app was released in the year 2010. It is one of the most used services of Google by almost 500 million people across the world. It is estimated that almost 100 billion words are translated daily.  The first release was that of the website browser. The translate service has an Application Program Interface (API), that allows for browser extension. This enables, cookie management, user interface management etc.  The latest Google Translate app update is as of June 2020. 

Development and addition of the language inputs is a continuous process. Most of the contributions come through a community that keeps on adding new language sentences almost on a daily basis. If number estimates are taken, then about 4 million people have completed contribution of about 95 million. The majority of the languages are present on the Google Translate app. Some of the languages used maximum for translation is English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian etc.  

 Become a member of the Google Translate app community and make your own contributions for your won languages. 

Features – 

1.It works offline as well. About 59 languages are supported in this offline translation.  

2.The Word Lens feature instantly reads Menus, Street Signs, Kiosks etc. 

3.Another feature is the Instant Camera Translation. Here, the camera of the Android is used to translate the text in 38 different languages. 

4.In the conversation mode, 32 different languages can be used for voice translation and on an instant basis. 

Latest features – 

1.Constant and real time translation is possible 

2.The copied text can be translated by taping on the notification. 


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  3. google translator app is very good and I have learned lot of things from using translater.

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