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It is the internet mapping software developed by Google that provides directional assistance to users. With the google maps app on their smartphone, users can get the pinpointed locational guidance. The locations are serviced by Google maps through Aerial Photography, street maps, satellite images, real time and ongoing traffic conditions, street panoramic views. From individual users to national armies, Google maps is used to spot and detect many things.  By Installing Google maps on the Android smartphones, users on different mode of transport such as two or four wheelers, cycle, foot, buses, get 100% accurate final point locational guidance. 

Among all the web based mapping services, Google Maps apps is the most popular in the world. As of 2020, it had almost 1 billion plus users and growing every day. In fact, the voice of the lady directing the traveller in the quintessential American accent, the roads and lanes of every country, symbolises Google Maps as part of daily life. The Google map app works on IOS as well.  The app version was first released in September 2008 for both Android and IOS. In 2012, Google released its own Google map app (exclusively for Android). 

The program was released for the first time in 2004. It was developed using Java Script and XML.  Through its API, the platform can be integrated with third party websites. It also offers the locator service for business, offices and every big or small institutions. The most popular services of the downloaded Google map app are of course the GPS navigation facility wherein it guides the user from the start point till the destination point. This can be visual or voice guidance. 

It is technology that has powered the powered Google maps way ahead of its competitors. Going by the number of app users in their smartphones, they are almost five to six times ahead of its nearest competitors.  This is mainly due to the large data image capture by Google through aerial photos and satellites. In terms of number estimates, almost 68% of the smartphone users in the world have used Google maps app at least once. Given a chance it is their first choice. It is also common to see the app running on many cab hailing services in different countries. For example, in India, both the big time app booking based cab based services Ola and Uber use Google maps for route navigation.  The direction helps in finding the parking spots as well in the services offered in many US cities. An updated version in 2017, registers the last used parking spot. 

Real time navigation offers rerouting based on daily issues like particular road closures. 

The users do not have to download Google map APK separately. It is part of the built-in apps in almost all Android phones.  

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