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The perfect music streaming app for all music lovers in India. It is also one of the most popular apps in the country. The Gaana app offers total and unlimited access to Hindi songs of different types, the best and latest of Bollywood songs, regional songs from all the parts of the country, latest music videos and albums, radio programs.  

Almost all the major Indian languages and its popular songs is covered under the Gaana App.  it includes Maratha, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Bnagla Gaan, Malayalam, Bhojpuri songs, English hit numbers. There are many more regional languages also. Get the latest and best of the hits from each language by installing the Gaana App on the Android and IOS smartphones. Users can create a playlist of their favourite singers in Tamil or Telugu or Hindi or any other language. Free download of songs of many of the latest hits and some of classical evergreen songs. One can browse either though albums and songs, singers, movies, genre like romance, Qawwalis, duets, fast track party songs, classical ragas etc.  

This apart, there are many of special popular charts such as Internal top 50, Punjabi top 50, Bollywood Top 50, music podcast and more. Install Gaana App APK and get access to this wonderful collection of music ocean that only begins and never ends.  India is a land of music lovers and the soul of traditional Indian music is culturally deep rooted. It today finds mass reach through the TV and Theatre screens and now very importantly through Internet, smartphone devices, apps.  All together about 45 million MP3’s on Gaana and this is updated almost on a daily basis. 

There is hardly anyone in India who is not aware of Gaana streaming services and Gaana App.  It has about 160 million users till date. The services were launched in 2010.  In the year 2019, it touched another milestone when Gaana became the first music app in the country to have 100 million monthly active users.  The growth and usage of the app has spread across the country to include tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. The usage in tier 2 cities saw an almost 100% increase in 2018 in terms of Gaana App downloads and monthly usage. 

Outside India, the app and services have a big market in countries like US, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada. This are the places where there is presence of a major Indian diaspora. There are a total of 30 Radio Mirchi stations.  Another feature is the Gaana voice assistance and this helps the users in multilingual search. Almost one fourth of users avail this feature on a regular basis. 

For Android users, the latest version as of June 2020 is 8.5.3 and the minimum requirement is Android 4.1 and above. Gana App installs takes up a storage space of 22 MB. 

Latest features – 

Gaana Video – An exclusive format of vertical video for the mobile and this is created in tandem with many of the artists. 

Artist dashboard – It gives empirical details to artist on viewership and the number details on fan usage of their songs. The artist has to run it on a self-service mode. 

An artificial intelligence (AI) based service known as “for you”. it gives personalised recommendations of the users of  Gaana App downloads.  


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