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FACEBOOK App –  Facebook is one of the leading social networking platforms where you can connect with people from all around the world. Users can upload pictures, share articles, watch videos and a lot of other things. The content you share can be either shared with an individual or a set of close friends or public so that anyone can see it. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over 800 million users from across the globe. Facebook allows you to share photos, videos and articles with people and chat with them. An app is available on all leading mobile platforms which allow easy access to your Facebook profile. The home page has your news feed, Friends, messages, places and a lot more placed conveniently on your screen in an easy to use interface. You can find all of your notifications at the bottom of the screen. If someone tags you in a post or a picture or if someone writes on your wall, you’ll get a notification for the same. 


Main Facebook Features – 


Some of the features making Facebook an amazing platform – 

  • Facebook gives you the ability to form a friend list with whom you can share your content and you have access to great privacy settings so you can customize who can view the content you post. 
  • Facebook allows you to upload pictures and create photo albums that you can share with all your close friends. 
  • Facebook allows you to chat with anyone online and you can comment on your friends’ profiles. This helps you in sharing information, staying in touch and staying close. Just say “Hi” 
  • Facebook has good support for communities and you can create group pages for your friend group or a fan page of your favourite fandom or a business page for businesses to interact with their customers online and market their products. 
  • With Developer network Facebook also allows for monetizing your content and advanced functionality. 
  • You can sell your products on Facebook to earn money. You can make your own offer features for your products. Getting Started On Facebook To get started, just visit Facebook, sign up with an email ID to create an account, set a profile picture and a cover picture so people can recognize you, then search for people who you know and add them to your friend list. 

Once you get connected you can chat with them. Facebook also suggests people it thinks you may know, so discovering your friends is really easy. Now you are on one of the largest Social Media platforms and you can use it to connect with a lot of people. 

Download facebook form the link given below-

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