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About the App:

Einstein IQ: Mind Puzzles will give your brain a workout and maybe six-pack abs from the funny IQ test! Hope you know your memes!

These brain games are for all types of people! People that love relaxing fun puzzles! People that want a free challenge! People that love mind puzzles and love to solve hard questions! People that love a trivia quiz up or just taking a funny IQ test!

For the drawing mind game puzzles, you either have to protect or get the brain IQ points to Einstein! Draw your path to collect! Or draw your way to save him! Einstein is very happy you’re here with him to help him in the quest for knowledge and improving your intelligence! Get Smart!

Some of these mind games are meant to trick you! But we know you’re smart enough to solve all of them! We know you’ve got a big brain! And we want you to use it and prove it! So come on and get the game and play now to show us! If you’re looking for a fun challenge then this is the place for you! Or just to relax and have some fun! All ages are welcome!

just download the best game ever and make your brain sharp like Einstien.

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