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It is a technology intuitive app launched by the government of India to spread the growth of education in the country. This is a platform for teachers across the country to access digital infrastructure in order to impart learning.  Through the help of Disha  app, teachers can enhance their learning. They can train themselves for assessment through the resources available in the app. There are multi fold objectives of Diksha. It includes creating of content for training of students, developing in-class resources, news and other announcements, connecting with the teacher’s community. By Installation of Diksha app on Android devices, these objectives on teacher learning and student training goes to a much higher level.   

The platform has been launched, keeping in mind, a teacher’s life cycle development. This is right from starting their profession till the day they retire. Development of the Diksha App is a co-ordinated effort to develop educational teaching infrastructure at a national level.  There is active involvement of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) along with respective state governments to develop the resources. 

To Download Diksha App the minimum requirement is Android 5.0 and above.  For those having a lower Android version, some of the content may not be viewable. This problem can be solved by Installing CrossWalk. It is a web app developed on open source. It gives a superior web view using an internal chrome browser. On Android devices, it leads to feature parity. 

Benefits – 

It brings untold benefits to teachers, students and parents through the development of learning material as per the school syllabus. This helps the student from a young age itself. They learn concepts, go through many types of practice exercise. The teachers on the other hand get training material for making out the lesson plans and create better learning experiences.  For the anxious parents, they can come to know of all developments and the progress of their children.  All this by installing the Diksha APK on the smartphone device. 

It has many extra features and functionalities. The content created for the school can be stored in the app repository and can be used as required. There is the library content for reference and the course content. There are many options in the settings that allow user to change the data back-up, language and display. 

The users can enrol in any of the available courses in the Disha app.  They can also take up any of the assigned courses.  The content can be shared with other users to help them or to get help from them. (users means teachers). Notifications can also be sent to all the users. 

The content can be accessed by scanning the QR Code or through the code available in the textbooks.

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  1. I could not resist commenting. the best app for learning for Indian students.

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