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An app to manage all the financial needs of a person That sounds great. Yes, it’s true. Using the Dhani app. This is an app released by one of India’s biggest financial companies, India Bulls Corporation. From personal loan to new credit lines to managing of payments – it’s all there in Dhani.  With every payment and other transactions done through the app, there is reward points. These points help in saving money.  There are many other special offers announced for every festive season. There is something always throughout the year. There are games which will bring big rewards on a daily basis. This and much more from India’s topmost financial institution. 

Download the Dhani financial app and get the best of the deals for some real time savings, 

Lots of interesting offers in the loan products. From small personal loans starting from Rs ten thousand, go up to loans of Rs fifteen lacs.  There are different tenures and different interest rates.  Everything can be fitted in according to the eligibility criteria. Good and attractive processing fee charges unlike many other Financial Institutions. 

Install Dhani APK files on the Android smartphones and start earning the reward points on the go. Every saving truly matters. 

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The Dhani products and its benefits – 

1.The credit option helps the user to set up a Dhani credit line and carry out shopping through the app. It is valid across almost 30 lac Rupay Merchant outlets. The shopping amount can be paid back in multiple EMI’ of not more than three numbers. This will help to purchase high value items. There is no interest rate on It. Remember a credit card charges you interest and a hefty one at that! 

2.Earn money though the app by playing games and yes its true. Log into the app and play games like Dhani Quiz, Hit the Bulls Eye. You can earn almost Rs 1000 daily. There is truly great and you can try it out. 

3.There are cashback offers for any purchases made through the Dhani app.  It is applicable for the customers of Dhani. It also offers the chance to purchase gift vouchers.  Using Dhani, all the utility payments can be done like electricity, gas and landline bill, mobile recharges, bus and flight bookings.  You can Install the Dhani app and start making all the essential payments on the go. 

4.Every Dhani user gets points for the payments and the purchases they make.  This is in addition to the cashback offers. Every Dhani point is equal to Rs 1.  Every referral leads to a discount of Rd 250 on any loan that is taken.  There are welcome gifts as well on loan sanctions. 

The digital wallet of Dhani app, gives the true power of online payments.  

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