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The Confluence app helps employees to work and share tasks as well as information in an integrated manner. It leads to faster results and obviously better productivity. By downloading the Confluence App on the mobile smartphones, geographical and departmental distances are removed. Team leads and managers can be in perfect synchronisation with all their unit member and get regular updates. The device pushes the work.  

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This cloud software and app has been developed by the company Atlassian.  They are known for their wold class technology based solutions for enterprises. It covers a wide range  of fields like planning for business and services, collaboration applications, coding and building, security solution.   Install Confluence app latest version with feature updates on Android smartphones or Apple IOS. 

Create an account of  Atlassian and work with the Confluence app irrespective of location.  Things happen fast with this app. New project ideas, suggestions and innovations get acceptance because everything happens on the go. Thanks to collaboration of the cloud through the Confluence app download on the smartphone.  The app works on a client- server architecture. The server app can be downloaded from the server to the end user device. There is the documentation page which helps to set up the instance. 

Template for the work – 

A big feature of the Installed Confluence app is the in-built template that can be used for different proposes. It can be project management plan, product development, logistics and supply chain, creation of a new plan. The Confluence templates can always help the organisation in each one of them. Some of the latest templates include – Email drip campaign, incident communication (escalation of issues), strategic plan presentation (to the top management), business status update, marketing united, annual plan and others…

Work is organized – 

Related pages and information is grouped together. This can be accessed by team members with given permissions. It helps the works to be taken to faster and higher level. There are page trees, page archives and easy to find structures. 


Speed matters a lot with this app – 

Browsing is open for the entire space on the site. It has flexibility to go through the entire site and find the pages in the specified space. There is also a feature in the app which enables the people to quickly locate the pages that has already been worked upon. Further, making any changes by editing the pages and commenting real time on the pages, happens effortlessly.  

Get the Confluence APK file on Android phones. 

Work in tandem with the team – 

Get the latest team updates. The Confluence cloud gives details of the activities that has taken place with the team. This apart, notifications, comments tasks and page shares are some of the major features.  

Minimum requirement is Android 6.0 and above and the running version is 1.76.13. 


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