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It is an educational app that brings lot of benefits to many students across the world, who otherwise would have struggled to get the right avenues to pursue their studies.  

Download the common app and get to see use its many benefits to students starting their higher studies. 

This is an undergraduate student admission app that is used for applying and getting admission to about 800 member colleges that come under this system. The maximum number of these colleges are in USA. There is also presence in some of the European counties, Canada, China, Japan. The colleges that come under this app are made up of public universities and other institutions that do not charge the students any admission or study fee. These colleges and universities are run by a non-profit institution with its board taken from different educational institutions and colleges. The board members are those having worked in in senor capacity. The student admission is on broad based admission factors like talent in essay writing and elocution and not just rank based criteria. 

Install the APK common app file to the Android smartphone, the latest version. 

About one third of the member institutions are exclusive users and they use this method to get admissions either online or through print.   With so many colleges universities and subjects to make the right choice, there is some amount of help that is required. This is where the common app comes in very handy. It is also known as Common App On Track. It is a sort of guidance tool for those who are planning to get the first year entrance to the common application.  It is in fact a guidance book that helps students to properly select, document and go through all the process required for submission. By installing common app file, they will know what are the steps to be followed and the criteria as well as the documentation required. 

Some of the key functions and features of the common app are as follows – 

1. Access the entire list of colleges and add the latest addition to it. Do not miss out on anything as it gives more options and choices. 

2. Go through the entire list and get to know about each colleges that is a member in the common application. This is about 800 in total numbers and that is a very long one at that! 

3. Evaluate the writing criteria and requirement of each college. This is very much necessary as it is the main criteria on which selection is made. 

4. Go through the deadline of each college and act accordingly. 

5. Students can view their application submission and the corresponding status of the same. 

6. The app gives notifications and alert for new, important and any other upcoming events. 

7. Interact with the guidance experts and get their tips. 

Install the APK file Common app latest version and get all new features. 

The current and running version is 2.3.4 and the minimum Android requirement is 4.4 and above. The last update is of October 2019.  

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