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Business Utility Application Software download – Professional Quest

Professional Quest – Survey Design, Distribution and analysis software

Survey Design, Distribution and analysis software for students and other people performing small surveys. Each survey can contain up to 500 responses, and analysis can be performed using reports or charts.

What is Professional Quest?

Release 3 represents the culmination of over five years of continuous development and has involved direct input from existing users. If you want to conduct a paper-based, web-based, EMail-based or network-based survey, there is simply nothing else with the price-performance of Professional Quest. We pride ourselves on having the most full-featured and easy-to-use product available.

Dipolar develops, supports and sells Professional Quest directly to ensure you only deal with experts, and the buck stops with us. The result is second-to-none service and support.

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Why do I need Professional Quest?

So why can’t you just use generalised software like wordprocessors, spreadsheets and Web design tools for your survey projects? Well, you could, and many people still do. After all it’s cheaper not to buy specialised survey software isn’t it? Well, actually no.

Before diving into a “cheap” manually developed survey, consider the following examples of tasks you may need to perform

  • Content reuse through question libraries and personal templates
  • Use of custom layout themes to match corporate standards (colors, fonts etc.)
  • Multiple distribution methods (eg. Web + paper to people without Web) in one survey
  • Increased security through optional survey logins
  • Creation of Web-based surveys with advanced scripting – no HTML knowledge required
  • Straight-forward creation and management of advanced surveys (such as 360° feedback

The benefits of Professional Quest include:

  • Create professional quality questionnaires and surveys in only minutes.
  • Instantly see the results of your survey for fast analysis.
  • Reduce costs by bringing surveys in-house.
  • Create Web surveys with no HTML knowledge.
  • Flexible access to data for use in other programs like Word® and Excel®.

What distinguishes Professional Quest from other Survey tools?

Professional Quest has been designed as a “boxed” solution for your survey needs – you don’t need a degree in pure mathematics to work out how to use it, and it is not simply a lead-in to extensive costly external consulting. The software allows you to design and manage surveys yourself. We dislike “hidden” costs just like you do – all costs are made clear up front, and none of our pricing is based upon “the more you use it, the more you have to pay”.

Professional Quest’s flexibility and ease-of-use is a product of constant improvements that are championed by our own users. We stand behind our product 100%, and all “point releases” (eg. 3.0 to 3.1) are provided free of charge – you won’t feel abandoned the minute you’ve paid for the software!

On top of all this, we have an industry-leading feature set that will allow you to create professional quality surveys for years to come!

Personal Edition

For students and other individuals to create and analyse small paper surveys.

  • Up to 50 Questions per survey
  • Up to 500 Responses per survey
  • Paper-based surveys
  • Basic analysis and reports

Platinum Edition

Powerful survey tool for Web, Responses Kiosks etc. featuring flow control and advanced formatting and analysis.

  • Up to 245 Questions per survey
  • Up to 2000 Responses per survey
  • Paper, Web, Network Kiosk surveys
  • Unlimited sections per survey
  • Advanced flow control
  • Survey security (respondent logins)
  • Personal EMail invitations/reminders
  • Response Data Piping
  • HTML content tags (for images etc.)
  • Advanced Custom Statistics
  • Optional multi-user database
  • Optional 360 Degree Feedback Module
  • Optional SQL Server Module (allows over 1000 questions per survey)

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