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Bluestack App player Download For Windows

Bluestack App player technology enables many of the Android App’s to play on the Microsoft Windows computers or Apple Mac machines. It is basically an emulator and the apps run through a virtualisation of the Android Operating System on the computer. It can be classified as freemium service whereby the basic level software can be downloaded free while there are advanced optional features that comes through a subscription basis.  There has been more than 20 million Blue Stack App Player downloads worldwide. It is estimated that it can emulate almost one and a half million apps that runs on Android. The minimum requirement is Windows 8.0 and above. 

In India it is common to see, the use of Bluestack to emulate the WhatsApp messenger on the PC.   

Although many different types of Android apps have been run on the PC through Bluestacks app player Installs, it is the games genre that has been the most popular. Users can run multiple games at the same time. There is also the option to play the same game from different accounts at the same time.  This is done by creating multiple instances of BlueStacks. 

Another option is to create macros for many of the repeat tasks in the favourite games. It eliminates lot of job duplicity while playing the games. 

One more interesting feature of Bluestack App player is the higher rate of Frames Per Second (FPS). This enables one image after another to come consecutively.  This feature really gives a high level of gaming experience to the users.  A high FPS results in low latency levels that leads to better layers of in-game transitions and also a much better level of reaction time. Especially in heavy duty games. 

Changing device profile is one more feature of the Bluestack App player.  Many Android games play on only certain types of profiles. If that particular game is not compatible with the device, then it is not possible to download it from the Google play store. The Bluestack App player totally eliminates this restriction by changing the device profile on its platform. It can be done in auto mode or manually.  

Through real time translations, downloaded Bluestack App player, translates the game on the PC to the local language of the country. This is a great help, especially to kids.  

Smart controls make shooting games a much more thrilling affair by bringing in more kills and reducing the screen clutter. 

Another feature is rerolling in which multiple summons can be performed at the same time. It leads to speeding up of unlocking the heroes. (Summons is s process of bringing a character in that game through an in-game currency or a similar item). This helps in selecting the best of the heroes. 

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Download the Bluestack App player and get the best of the Android apps emulated on the PC.


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