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Below is the list of Employees for Work @ ₹ 12,000/month

Name : Email Id
Md Ibaad mdib…
MD Zaahid izaa…
Khushi Saketha…
Maadhakrishnan adha…
Aaliyah Khatu Khatu…
vinita qui…

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How to get a job form the job portal?
you need to Sign up and Apply! you are interested in.

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If you becoming a member of our job portal you will get the support you through your journey of job placement.


Happiness and well-being in business are palpable very quickly, when you come into contact with the staff. The reverse is also true. Happiness or its absence is communicative. This blog is there to encourage reflection in order to improve the happiness and well-being of everyone in their work .
Articles, sharing posts and articles, flash interviews, inspirations… so many tools that will feed the subject.

Several questions will be explored:

Why do we feel good in our workplace? What are the ingredients of this alchemy?

And why aren’t the majority of employees happy at work? – 61% are disengaged)? Should companies be freed up so that employees feel engaged and happy?

On whom does well-being in the company depend? The manager ? Employees ?

Are happiness at work and happiness in life related?

Since it is said that well-being at work significantly improves employee performance and reduces absenteeism, then why haven’t all companies started doing it yet?

So many fascinating questions that I will look into and invite you to reflect with me.

Of course your remarks and comments are welcome!

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