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About the App:

A marvellous collection of high-quality stories for children which makes reading more fun and entertaining, our bedtime story books for kids are very interesting as they narrate about moral, kingdom, fairy tales, funny and animals. They teach love, respect, kindness, self-confidence, the reading books for children are quite short to make it easy for a child to listen till the end of the story.

Enjoy reading these stories with your kids on a mobile device. They are all light, fast and very intuitive to read. The great thing is that more stories for children are going to be added every week.


Pretty simple and easy to use interface, attractive design and graphics.
All stories are free to read and listen.
Pictures for every story.
High Quality audio & enchanting music for every category.
Collecting points after finishing stories which motivates kids to read more.
Distinct categories of inspirational stories.
No internet connection needed (only audio requires internet).
7 awesome categories of bedtime stories and more to come.
Tales that will educate your children.
Easily find your child’s favourite fable.
Relive the famous stories of childhood.

So, what are you waiting for just download the best storybook ever and revil your childhood.

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