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AnyDesk Apk – AnyDesk has been established in Germany (2014) and more than 200 million users worldwide have downloaded its unique remote desktop access software, which adds another 9 million per month. AnyDesk Remote Desktop Technology allows users with Internet connectivity to remotely link to a computer from anywhere in the world. It is particularly useful for businesses with on-the-go employees as well as IT professionals who would be able to connect remotely.

What are the Features of AnyDesk?

  • Remote Support – It is a software that enables you to provide amazing services to the customer with immediate problem-solving solutions for a range of business which could be a start-up or large corporations with equal
  • Cross-Compatibility –  It can be defined as the remote support software by AnyDesk. It allows seamless cross-compatibility among computers with any operating system. You can effortlessly connect to users across a wide range of platforms, including Raspberry Pi,  macOS,  Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Chrome OS support.
  • Performance – DeskRT-an a groundbreaking codec that forms the basis of AnyDesk. It compresses and transfers image data between systems in a way that is the best when compared to other products. Along with bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec, perform tasks smoothly. AnyDesk can be described as a remote desktop device in any area with limited Internet connectivity. 
  • Flexibility – Run AnyDesk Apk on a device it can be either Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Windows, FreeBSD, or Android. In addition, using mobile apps at no extra cost. AnyDesk isn’t solely focused on updates to the current operating system. It works as smoothly on older versions as it does on state-of-the-art software applications.


AnyDesk is a remote desktop program that can be used on all devices including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. AnyDesk allows users to remotely connect to computers anywhere, anywhere, and enables mobile collaboration, remote assistance, and online presentation. Native iOS and Android mobile apps allow users to control remote desktop operations on-the-go via mobile and tablet devices.

Download Anydesk App from now.


  • Usage Information
  • Integrations
  • Diagnostics
  • Session Recording
  • Session Transfer
  • Unattended Access
  • File Sharing


  • Cross-Platform Access
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Applications Management
  • Remote Device Control


  • Remote Wipe
  • Device Management
  • Device Enrollment


Download AnyDesk for Windows: 

  • Connect your desktop environment to individual Windows client devices and servers through remote access. 
  • Allows prompt support and real-time management for all Windows devices connected by remote control; 
  • Gain from a smooth remote desktop connection in Windows due to the incredible frame rate, bandwidth capacity and imperceptible latency of AnyDesk. 
  • Teamwork is easier as you can connect online through remote access  to any Window desktop

Is AnyDesk compatible with Android?

Yes, you can download Anydesk from

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