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Month: July 2020

Google Maps App – Free Download Google Maps Apk

It is the internet mapping software developed by Google that provides directional assistance to users. With the google maps app on their smartphone, users can get the pinpointed locational guidance. The locations are serviced by Google maps through Aerial Photography, street maps, satellite images, real time and ongoing traffic conditions, street panoramic views. From individual […]

Google App | Download Latest Google Apk

Google Apps is an assortment of electronic, community-oriented informing applications that Google has on its own servers. Google is giving these applications as an “administration” instead of programming to download and introduce. to urge those applications, just utilize a web browser on a PC that’s associated with the web. There are numerous variables that added […]

Duolingo App | Download Duolingo Apk Free

Duolingo is a language learning platform that operates through website portal and mobile app. The learners are put through a digital assessment proficiency exam to make them experts in different languages. The app works on a freemium model wherein the basic services are free and the high end services are on a paid basis.  It […]

Flipkart App | Download Flipkart App Apk

Flipkart was established in October 2007 by two previous Amazon workers Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. They presented its own item go named Digi Flip which included PC packs, workstations, USB streak drives, they additionally offered a wide arrangement of things on the web, much the same as Amazon. 1.Application ONLY DISCOUNTS –  In case […] © 2023 Frontier Theme